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Mad mind battles! is  your  new  learning  tool!  A  fun and   fast-paced  way  of  learning  were  you  dive  into  the  world  of  mad  mind  mazes  and  battle critters using  your  innate  power-- knowledge!

uncover  the  story  that unfolds inside  these  dungeons  as  time  goes  by...

Great  for  studying  and learning,  while  keeping  focus  and  immersion.

And  completely  free!

Builder Man's city has been invaded by aliens from a neighbor galaxy. They are wreaking havoc all around Rich Port City. It's up to Builder Man and his trusty hammer to restore his precious city and drive back all the evil aliens. Fend off aliens, rebuild Rich Port city and uncover the invaders plans in this fun-tastic Action-Platformer!

This Arcade game was created as part of the 2019's Global Game Jam!


Enchanted Island is a short adventure where you'll take the role of Alexa, a young shy Puertorican girl who just turned 18. Now, her friends have invited her to a road trip to El Yunque. Little do the know, what awaits them in El Yunque is nothing short of mysterious and terrifying...

This game was made as part of the latinxs unidos 2020 game jam!


You've been stripped of your freedom, locked inside a small room, and forced to watch the hands of the clock tick as time flies fast. In Timeless, you'll choose your own adventure narrative as you try to escape from detention--call it detention break. Although, there is a twist! Something deeper lurks around the halls of Darwin High, something you'll have to get to the bottom of based solely on your wits.

Timeless packs a small OST that brings life to the somber ambience of this world.

Our Passion is your Experience

Juny Studio

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